Clever Video Illustrates Recent Kidney Chain of 28

The National Kidney Registry recently announced the completion of a kidney chain involving 28 living donors and 28 transplant recipients. It is the second-largest kidney chain in history, second only to a 30-kidney chain in 2011. What makes the chain of 28 significant, is it took only about six weeks to complete, compared to several months for the chain of 30.

KidneyChainDiagramKidney chains need an altruistic kidney donor, someone who wants to donate a kidney but doesn’t have a particular recipient in mind, to get them started. Living Donation California is a service dedicated to educating people about living kidney donation and connecting them with a transplant center in their area if they want to pursue being an altruistic living kidney donor.

Once a person is cleared by medical professionals to be a living kidney donor, their information can be entered into the National Kidney Registry (NKR), which uses computer software to connect the altruistic donor to a series of mismatched pairs to start a kidney chain. The chain of 28 began with a man in Tennessee, Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy.

David Goldman is one of the recipients in the recent chain of 28. He created the video above called “David Got a Kidney” to share his experience and thank his donor, NKR and the medical staff at University of Wisconsin Hospital where he received his transplant.

For more on living kidney donation and how to become a donor in California, go to

For more on the National Kidney Registry, visit



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