Living Donation California Featured on L.A. Radio Program

August 13, 2013 – During a recent edition of “The Sunday Journal,” a weekly radio program on KOST-FM in Los Angeles, Bryan Stewart, a Donate Life California board member, talked about Living Donation California, a new online information and referral service to educate people about the need for living kidney donation and to refer those interested in becoming living kidney donors to a California transplant center.

Stewart was on the program, along with donor mom Jackie Woodward, to discuss organ and tissue donation and to encourage Californians to register to become organ and tissue donors. But Stewart also talked about the importance of living kidney donation.

“If we really want to help people get off the transplant waiting list and live complete, full lives, free of dialysis and live for a longer period of time, living donation is something that I’d love to encourage anyone to consider,” said Stewart.

More than 17,000 people in California are on the national kidney transplant waiting list, but receiving a kidney from a deceased donor isn’t their only option. The number of kidney transplants via living donors is increasing. Part of that is because living donors and recipients do not have to be related, and kidney chains are helping to link mismatched donor-recipient pairs through Paired Exchange programs at transplant centers across California and the United States.

Click here to listen to the entire program. (Living Donation California is discussed from around 21:30 to 25:00)

Living Donation California is the nation’s first, state-authorized program designed to inspire people to become living kidney donors. The program is a FREE service that informs potential living kidney donors of the risks and benefits, and then refers them to a transplant center for evaluation and donation options. For more information, visit

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