Living Donation California on Good Day Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif., August 21, 2013 – Kidney transplant recipient Darrell Neal and his wife, Barbara Neal were featured along with Living Donation California on Good Day Sacramento in a segment called “7 Miles, 7 Cities”.

Darrell had been battling diabetes for much of his life, and had been on dialysis for seven years and needed a kidney transplant, but family members weren’t willing to donate. His story was featured in a segment of the Dr. Phil show in 2010. That’s when Shannon Martin of Idaho, a complete stranger at that time, saw the show and decided she would be tested to be Darrell’s donor. She was a match and the two had surgery at Scripps Hospital in San Diego in August of 2012. Before that, Barbara launched a fundraising campaign called “7 Miles, 7 Cities” in which she walked seven miles in seven cities in the seven days leading up to Darrell’s transplant. The money she raised was for Shannon to help with expenses that weren’t covered by insurance.

A year later, Darrell and Shannon are both doing very well and are now good friends. To mark the one-year anniversary of the transplant, Barbara decided to do another 7-mile walk. The number seven represents the number of years Darrell was on dialysis before his transplant.

The Neals invited Living Donation California to join them for the segment in hopes of encouraging more people to be altruistic living kidney donors, like Shannon. Living Donation California is a free information and referral service that encourages California residents to be altruistic kidney donors, provides accurate information about living donation, and refers potentially eligible individuals for evaluation at a transplant center. For more on who can become a living kidney donor, click here.




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