Roland Zepf

San Francisco, CA
Living Kidney Donor

“I am in good health, so why not?”

“Everyone deserves a working kidney,” says Roland. And the Northern California resident has done his part in helping out.

Roland ZepfA part-time UCSF clinical nurse who holds two degrees and is pursuing a doctoral degree, Roland became a living kidney donor in late 2012, not knowing then, or today, who received the organ.

His life journey took him through the business world. But then, he opted to pursue nursing, driven by images of people suffering from HIV and AIDS.

Publicity about the idea of living donation drew Roland to the idea he might be a in a position to give the gift of life.

“Before this I was not aware that as a living person that you could donate an organ without a recipient in mind. I thought ‘I am in good health, so why not?’” said the 48-year-old.

Not knowing more about his recipient of his gift might have at one time been an issue for Roland. Not now. “I thought, ‘Why did I want to know?’ My kidney means someone will have a more comfortable life. They are happy, so that is good enough for me.”

As a career health care provider, he sees living donation as a natural trait. “I know there are people who are going to say ‘How wonderful’ when someone is considering being a living donor. Others will say ‘Are you crazy, why would you do that?’ But they shouldn’t ask ‘Why would you do that?’ to help someone, but, ‘Why wouldn’t you?’”